Meet the Owners

When the idea for Made for More was conceived, it wasn’t just about the leggings.
We don’t just want to post cool pics of leggings and then hope that you buy them; we want to lead a movement and inspire you to reach your full potential!

Meet Kristen

I’m Kristen and I’m a mom of two precious girls. I’ve always been a pretty active person but fashion was always my #1.
Once upon a time, I had an internship in the Fashion Department at Women’s Health Magazine and that’s where I really got introduced to all of the different styles and fabrics of fitness apparel and where I grasped the concept that fashion could truly exist everywhere! Even in the gym.
I have had my personal training certification and have taught numerous fitness class but Sweat Fitness Studio is where my fitness journey really transformed. I’m currently a trainer at Sweat and training for my first Bikini Competition (I may have bit off more than I can chew there, but I’m all about trying anything once!)
We hope you enjoy everything that we’re about to share!!

Meet Tricia

I’m a crazy busy Mama to four beautiful and handsome kiddos, and two fur babies!🤪

I was very active in sports all the way through high school, and have continued to play recreational volleyball and softball into my adulthood, but working out was never my thing. Kristen Granell and I met at preschool with our oldest daughters, and ended up doing a challenge @sweatfitnessstudios together and life hasn’t been the same since! @sweatfitnessstudios changed my life and gave me a new found love for fitness and health. Kristen and I both are Coaches there now, and are working hard training for our first Natural Bikini Competition, and I’m a full blown Keto Girl.... what a difference a year can make in your life and goals!!!

Coaching at the gym has given me a newfound purpose as it aligns so perfectly with my biggest passion; inspiring and promoting love, kindness and positivity. I love motivating and spreading kindness, but I’ve also learned that love and kindness begin with me, loving and being kind to myself so I can freely give to others, and view the world with kindness and grace. This passion is where I come in, designing all the tanks, tees, hoodies, jackets.... it’s a fun spin on my 
Love's Locker Room
 designs, still promoting love, kindness and positivity on more athletic apparel.

I hope you love the designs and follow us on this journey.